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Nominations for Yuletide, the annual small fandoms exchange (What's that?) open on 9th September. Here's a schedule for Yuletide 2016, and here are the eligibility rules. The Marlows books (the Players books count as a separate fandom in AO3 terms) are all eminently eligible, and there's been some great Yuletide fic in years past.

You can make 3 fandom nominations and nominate 4 characters for each fandom. That means a bit of co-ordination is probably desirable to get a good spread of characters. Please feel free to discuss co-ordinating Forest-related nominations below or at the [livejournal.com profile] yuletide nominations post here. Nominating doesn't commit you to signing up, so if you're still undecided, think you might only want to write treats &c. you can make nominations. You will need an AO3 account to make nominations, however.


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