May. 17th, 2016

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The Forest Fanworks Prompt Meme Challenge was a lot of fun last year, so I thought people might like to have another go. The idea is to have a fairly low-pressure form of commitment, but with a structure that will create bit of a sense of occasion. Signed-up creators can browse the available prompts left by other fans and choose ones they'd like to fulfil, rather than (as in a gift exchange) having a recipient assigned to them. But there will be a sign-up period and a deadline, followed by reveal of the collection.

Rules and guidelines:

You must have an AO3 account to participate. You can get an invite code here. The waiting-list is currently short: about 2 days.

For those unfamiliar with AO3 here's the AO3 FAQ dealing with collections and challenges, and here's the specific bit dealing with sign-ups for prompt memes on AO3.

You must specify at least 1 fandom in each of your prompts: you may specify (up to) all three Forest fandoms and 6 characters in each prompt.

You may make up to 6 prompts. They may be as detailed (or not) as you like, but somewhere in the middle hinterland between 'anything at all about anyone at all' and a detailed plot outline for your Ginty/Patrick/Giles crime caper with bonus tentacles tends to get best results. State clearly any non-negotiable Do Not Wants: e.g. underage sexual content.

The default setting is an anonymous prompt: you can de-anonymise your prompt if you wish. Anonymity is not absolute: in a small fandom like this, it is probably a bit compromised from the start.

You may prompt for art or fic. If prompting for art, please use the 'optional tags' section and enter 'fanart'.

Works may be of any length, but must be complete. It's fine to do minor edits (typos, changing a few words or adding a sentence) after posting and before reveals, but please don't post placeholder works.

You may claim as many prompts as you like and feel able to produce work for.

There can and may be multiple claims on the same prompt.

There are no restrictions on content or rating, but obviously, do try to be respectful of your requester's prompt, especially their DNWs. Ratings and Archive Warnings can be helpful, but Choose Not To Warn is sometimes the only possible option too.


Nominations: from today, 17th May. The tagset is here.
Promotion: Please feel free to promote the fest in your own journals and on other social media platforms. I'm not on Facebook, so I'd be particularly grateful if someone who is on the Forest community there would promote it.

Sign-up Opens: Fri 27 May 2016, 10:00AM UTC (11:00AM BST) Sign-up form is here, but it's closed at the moment.
Sign-up Closes: Sun 26 Jun 2016, 08:00PM UTC (09:00PM BST)
Assignments Due: Fri 02 Sep 2016, 08:00PM UTC (09:00PM BST)
Works Revealed: Sun 04 Sep 2016, 08:00PM UTC (09:00PM BST)
Authors Revealed: Fri 09 Sep 2016, 08:00PM UTC (09:00PM BST)

Any questions, just comment or PM me!


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