Sep. 14th, 2016

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I found myself pondering this in between my summer holiday reading. One of the favourite features of the AF books is the references to books the characters are reading / have read; and many people, like myself, seem to have tried new authors simply because Nicola was reading them.
Although the series crept into the eighties most of the books they mention are from previous decades, apart perhaps from Nicola's book token buy in RAH? So, I started to wonder, if AF had kept writing until the present day, what books would the Marlows be reading now?
Would Karen have found escape from her own strained family set-up in the dysfunctional families of Anne Tyler?
Would Ginty have adored the Hunger Games, seen herself as Catniss and enjoyed lots of lovely fantasies about hiding out in a cave with Patrick, nursing his injuries and kissing him as much as possible?
Would Nicola have enjoyed the archeological detective stories of Elizabeth Peters? Presumably she'd have been keen on Patrick O' Brien, as AF was.
I don't suppose Rowan gets much time to read - a page or two of a Dick Francis or one of his successors, before falling asleep at night. What might she take on holiday if she ever gets the chance?
And Rose, having read everything in the Trennels playroom, will be a fan of Jacquelin Wilson. Will Chas like Harry Potter?
I'm stuck on Lawrie. I'm thinking she might be into some of the Youtubers' spin-off books; that's if she ever has time to read any more, what with spending all her time on Youtube watching make-up videos?

I'd be interested to know what other books people think they might be reading now?


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