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Oct. 8th, 2008 12:39 pm
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I've just been on the GGBP website for the first time in at least a year, and I see they have finally published the second Marlows-in-the-past book (The Players and the Rebels?). I have to confess that despite having had my copy of The Players Boy since GGB republished, I still haven't read it...(my Dad wants to borrow it though, molto bizarro).

I also noticed that there is an Antonia Forest bio published; has anyone read it? I decided not to buy the first one based on reviews, so would be interested to hear what people think...
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I've just read Anne Heazlewood's book, "The Marlows and their Maker". I noticed she calls the Merricks' place Mariot Chase, but I don't recall it ever being called by this (or any) name in the books: I only remember it being referred to as the Merricks' or Patrick's place. Anyone know where it's referred to as Mariot Chase?
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Maybe it's time to talk about Tim Keith.  Don't think there have been previous threads about her.  

I was recently struck by a bit in the otherwise not especially informative Marlows and their Maker about the creation of Tim.  Apparently AF was writing Autumn Term without her, and her friend (GB Stern) said why shouldn't the twins make use of being the head girls sisters, and how she had always wanted to read a school story with a headmistress's niece who did take full advantage - and hey, presto, the character was born.  AF completely rewrote the book.  And AF commented that she never really felt that Tim was one of "her" characters as a result.

Reading Autumn Term and End of Term, especially as a child, I never liked Tim.  She could be so intensely, bitingly hateful to people (mainly Nicola).   But rereading the early Marlow stories recently as an adult - Falconer's Lure and Marlows and the Traitor - I have been rather off put by the feel of the books, the undiluted establishment-y feel of the naval/gentry Marlows, and I wonder if what I am missing is Tim's presence, which adds that subversive voice?  Without her, Autumn Term would be a very different book, and a lot duller.  Then again, I prefer Cricket Term of the school stories, where Tim has moved somewhat to the sidelines - been tamed, almost.  I'm not sure AF knows quite what to do with her, from that point.  Will she become head girl?  What will happen to her?

Any Tim haters/fans out there?  What do you think?


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