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Hope this isn't deemed inappropriate, but I've got several GO type books including a couple of Antonia Forest books on ebay at present (Falconers Lure and The Thuggery Affair) and thought people in here might be interested!
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I just read the following discussion on the Fidra Books blog, which will be of interest to people here: http://www.fidrabooks.co.uk/blog/?p=227#comment-11460.
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I read all the four school Marlow books as a child and absolutely loved them, read them 100s of times etc.  Now I have rediscovered them and realised only for the first time that there were others - I just thought that all the references to the holidays and falcons etc were things which happened 'off-stage', as it were.  So I acquired a version of the GGB Thuggery Affair, but found it really hard going and nothing like as good as the school books.  In fact I gave up once altogether, and then came back to it and managed to finish but wasn't hugely impressed..  I have also acquired The Ready Made Family which I enjoyed much more, but still, not as much as the school books. 
Given that it requires a fair amount of time and money to acquire the rarer Marlow books, it is really worth the struggle? Or are the school books the most popular for a reason?  What do you think - does anyone actually prefer the non-school books?   I don't want to spend a lot of effort on them only to wish that I'd kept to the school books and kept my memories of AF as good as they were!

And also what do you think of the historical ones? Are they as good, and do they connect to the later Marlows in any way apart from the characters being called Marlowe?
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I keep forgetting to say so here, but when I was in Cambridge a couple of months ago, I discovered that The Haunted Bookshop (9 St. Edward's Passage, Tel (01223)312913) had a positive plethora of Forest books for sale. These may have been sold since I was there, as they don't seem to be listed on the website, but I doubt it, as there were absolute loads of them (including several copies of The Ready-Made Family and Attic Term, a copy of Peter's Room and many more besides) and they were all alarmingly expensive, being mostly first editions in good condition. If anyone is pining to complete their collection and feeling prosperous, you might want to give them a call.

Speaking of AF publications, wasn't there meant to be a CD or book or some such of the proceedings of the conference last year? I know I put my name down for something along these lines - does anyone know what's happened?

ADDENDUM I: Just read back a few entries and saw that the now-deleted [livejournal.com profile] lizarfau mentioned a falling out between AF and Tim Kennemore (whom I noticed dedicated one of her books to AF. Always wondered whether her real name was Thalia...) Ooer! Now I'm all curious. If [livejournal.com profile] lizarfau is still reading this, how did you know about this falling out?

ADDENDUM II: Aha! Just did a search on the Haunted Bookshop website, and found the other Forests. There's 'Falconer's Lure', both Players books, and 'Run Away Home' as well.
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(Mods- I hope this is OK, if not please delete)

I've just been decluttering my book shelves, and I have a duplicate of Autumn Term. It's a scruffy falling apart copy of the 1977 Puffin edition, but if anybody would like it as a reading copy, let me know, as it's going free to a good home...


Jun. 4th, 2006 07:29 am
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I went down to the second hand book stall on Friday, flicked aimlessly through the counter with "everything £1" and picked up a copy of "Autumn Term." I then went through very carefully in case there were any more, but that was pretty good anyway,
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I'm currently setting about completing my Antonia Forest collection, as I've finally got a salary that allows me such pleasures! I own paperbacks of all the school stories, and (like everyone else, I suspect) am working through getting all the GGBP copies of the holiday stories. I know the GGBP versions are complete and unabridged, but I was wondering if anyone knew whether or not the school stories have been abridged in paperback? Being also interested in Chalet School, I'm aware of the mutilation some of those books received between hardback and paperback, and was just curious as to whether I was going to have to consider a second mortgage in order to get complete versions of the Forest school stories!
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Hi there! I'm in the process of trying to get my paws on the rest of the Marlow book (I've only read Autumn Term so far, and I'm desperate to read the rest!) I'm trying to locate them in a library near me, but am also thinking of buying them eventually.
I was just wondering (apart from the two Elizabethan books, which I know are hard to come by) which ones are the rarest and most difficult to find? I'm not looking for any version/edition in particular, anything will do! I'd like to know so that I can comapre prices and recognise a bargain when I see one, and I don't want to let a rarity slip through my fingers!
Can anyone help me with this? I need to suss out the market place!!
Thanks a million:)
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DandyinChina mentioned, on a thread over at *Esther's Term,* final chapter, that A. Forest is completely obscure in Germany but a friend whose literary tastes she liked had recommended her. I wondered how everyone else found Antonia, who isn't blazingly famous (as she deserves to be) even in the English-speaking world. Certainly I have never met a single American who has read her works, except people to whom I recommended them.

Here's my story. I was in London in 1971, aged 12, with my parents. They deposited me at Foyles for, as I recall, several hours, while they did other business in town. They said that I could choose five books. I had a long time to consider, and chose Ruth Arthur's *A Candle in her Room,* Brian Fairfax-Lucy and Philippa Peirce's *The Children of the House,* Norah Lofts's *The Story of Maude Reede*, and Antonia Forest's *End of Term*. (I'm forgetting the fifth, but it was good too.) There was a list in the Forest book of all her other works, and over the following years my father would order them from Foyles as my Christmas presents. I found the last ones when I was travelling in England myself, some years later. Now I have a complete set in America (including *Thursday Kidnapping* and the Elizabethan books) and about 1/2 of another set at my Amsterdam apartment, just in case I need a fix while I'm there.

I am proud to have once introduced a scholarly art history article (published in French, Flemish, and English) with a quotation from *Autumn Term,* the one where Tim compares her father and Mrs. Todd as a person who paints vs. a merely "artistic" person. That's why I was so pleased to see him "live" in *Esther's Term.*

Any other stories? Or was Antonia Forest a quite obvious choice for everybody else?
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To be published by GGB, and should be out before the conference in June.


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