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One of the unused prompts for the summer fic exchange was about the Marlows having children. I haven't written that prompt exactly but I have written a few scenes about Nicola and her children, including a new, longer one posted today. All on my LJ.
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I am escaping from real-world pressures into fiction this week, and so here is the third and final part of my future Marlows series: ;

Spring Term

Nov. 2nd, 2011 04:47 pm
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Many congratulations, Sally Hayward! I've just read Spring Term and I loved it. You catch the tone and style of AF extremely well and I was gripped from beginning to end. What a story! I was moved, and I also laughed out loud at Peter's 'offspring' commentary. The characters are just as real, subtle and complex as in canon,  and I think it's a great achievement!
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'Tis midnight where I am, so this is a bit of a fly-by posting on my way to bed.

I'm still plodding through Falconer's Lure and noticed the following bit (specific line of intereste bolded by me):


Nicola gave herself a shake, as if to slough off the cloak of invisibility which seemed to have enveloped her in the last half-hour. She hadn't known before that you could be in a car with anyone, as Ellen Holroyd had with her, and not even see them. In time, Nicola was to learn that theatre people often behaved like this to those outside their charmed circle, but at the moment it really seemed most preculiar.

pg 189 GGB Edition


From this I read that Lawrie does end up on the stage, and that is how Nicola comes to know about theatre people.

I know that Runaway Home has a few hints about the future, but mostly minor things such as Patrick finding the candle stubs in his drawer and initially not remembering why they were there. Then there were the snippets of conversation regarding the near tragedy with Giles and Peter.

However, do we get other snippets about the future?
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I've started re-reading Falconer's Lure and came across the following snippet:


Patrick said suddenly, "Oh dear. I do wish it was six years from now."

"Six years?" said Nicola, who sometimes wished it was this time next week, but had never looked that far ahead.

"Yes. Well. In six years, I'll have finished school, I'll have done National Service, and if Dad's still M.P. I can come back here and look after things. And then Jon and I can keep hawkes properly.

pg 52/53 GGB edition


That made me wonder about how AF changed things to suit the times, yet retained some things that were already 'canon' despite them being 'out of time'.

For example, when the red uniforms came back in, the book they were mentioned in was written *past* the time rationing finished in the early 1950s in Real Life? That was Falconer's Lure as well, but haven't reached that bit in the book, yet. I know the book is set in 1948, and clothes rationing ended in 1949...but the book was written/published in 1955.

What I'm leading up to here is... will Patrick do his National Service, despite that going out before potential later books would have been written, and presumably set? Especially since it had already been mentioned that he was going to do it? Or would AF have just ignored that?
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Bored of searching Facebook for long-lost primary school buddies, I started typing the names of AF characters into the search box instead, feeling that if the Marlows were into social networking Facebook would probably be their site of choice. The results were as follows:

1 Giles Marlow
No Karen Marlows (although a few Karen Marlowes)
No Rowan Marlows (not, I feel, surprising)
No Ann Marlows (although one Ann Marie and an Anna)
No Virginia Marlows
7 Peter Marlows
4 Nicola Marlows
No Lawrence Marlows of either gender

And somewhat to my surprise, 6 Patrick Merricks.
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I discovered this community yesterday when - under the influence of flu-bugs I was attempting to resemble a limp noodle and doing a rather good job of it - something made me google 'Antonia Forest fanfiction'. Lo! here I am.

I actually first started looking two or three years ago for a fan-written sequel to "Run Away Home" and found nada, ny-et, nothing. Everyone I knew seemed to think it odd I liked these 'silly boarding school stories', especially as the author couldn't even set them in one time period! However, I loved them, even though there were many things that were dissimilar to my own boarding experience. I suppose in some ways, I wish that was how school had been for me.

I've always wondered what Nicola went on to do. Did she eventually take Latin and Greek so she could read Homer in the original? Did she end up sailing around the world and, if so, what did she do after that - write a book about it? I'm definitely a romantic and hope that Nicola and Patrick eventually got together.

One thing I'd love to discuss is the relationship between Lawrie and Nicola, and their different personalities.
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[ profile] coughingbear and I are in Marlow's bar.

We did not go out looking for it, I add hastily. It is the bar in our hotel.

It is not a very good bar. It claims to be a cocktail bar, but they do not know how to make a margarita and [ profile] coughingbear's martini has pineapple juice in it. Not even Daniel Craig would be okay with that.

We are not quite the only punters, but it is a close-run thing.

We think it is run by Kay. Any advance?

Who would run the best bar? Which would you go to?
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Last chapters of 'The Voyage' - my Nicola/Patrick fic are now online here.  Thanks to all who've read and especially those who've commented on this story.  I hope to get the rest of Nicholas and Bess - my historical Marlows fic up in the next couple of days.
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The discussion about Kay below made me wonder how many children each of the Marlows would end up producing. I hope this hasn't been discussed before - if so I apologise! My thoughts are as follows:

Giles - lots, of course. Borne by a meek and long-suffering wife?
Kay - not sure. Maybe two, by a later marriage.
Rowan - I haven't decided whether Rowan will settle down in a same-sex partnership, in which case I don't think she will bother with children, or whether she will marry, initially decline children, but then suddenly decide in her mid-thirties that her biological clock is ticking and ultimately end up with two sons.
Ann - Ann will marry mid-twenties and - ironically and unfairly - have great difficulty conceiving. They will adopt two children before she finally produces a daughter.
Ginty - boy and girl? Followed by divorce?
Peter - don't know. Perhaps he will surprise everyone by becoming the real pater familias?
Nick - I reckon four boys, and would quite like them to be by Robert Anquetil.
Lawrie - after a succession of affairs with her leading men (and because she likes to shock and likes the attention probably a couple of leading ladies too), Lawrie will settle down with a somewhat older and very dashing film star, will initially reject the idea of children, but aged 37 will suddenly decide she wants one and immediately and without difficulty produce a daughter, which will really rub Ann's nose in it.

What does everyone else think?
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Here's another 'I wish we'd find out' question

In Ready-Made Family it is said that it took many years for Nicola to repair her relationship with Fob, after the afternoon on the beach with the shipwreck.

I find myself wondering whether it was an event or events that helped this happen, or whether it was simply the passage of time.

(I find the Peter-centeredness of Fob's universe to be annoying, though I know some find the Nicola-centeredness of the books in general to be equally annoying!)
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There will never be any more Antonia Forest novels. We know she was working on an eleventh Marlow book at some point, but it's all too probable that she destroyed the manuscript. What do you think might have been in it? Here are a few unresolved plot points from Run Away Home:

Did the junior (ETA: including Giles and Rowan) Marlows cop it for the events of Run Away Home, and if so, how hard?

What happened with Ginty/Patrick? It's moderately obvious that Patrick thinks it's over, but Ginty doesn't know this. Did he end up with Nicola instead?

Where did Patrick end up doing his A-levels, and what were they? (Personally, I favour the Colebridge Grammar, because 1) Private schools were getting rarer 2) The entire Merrick family wouldn't have to dash down to Dorset every time Kingscote had a school holiday so Patrick would be in the story 3) It seems an awful waste Patrick doing languages at some tough school when what he's really interested in is English and History. Since when were they 'soft options', anyway?)

Did Nicola and Esther make it up?

What happens in the years afterwards, in your heads? What career did she chose, and did she ever sail around the world? Did she ever meet Robert Anquetil again (we seem to have a fandom opinion on this, which is why I asked it)?

What about the other Marlows?


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