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If I actually post this in the correct community, it would be a start wouldn't it? *sigh*

I have a really quick query, basically how old is Giles in RAH?

I think his age is mentioned in Autumn Term so I could work it out, but I've lent my copy to someone.

Thanks - it's bugging me :D
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The first discussion group at the AF Conference featured a debate on the eternal problem of how all the birthdays fit in (as we know, they don't).

We were discussing the fact that, given the author's note at the beginning of Marlows and the Traitor, which says that Peter must be 14 when it starts (Easter holidays), and the fact that Ginty becomes 15 on January 6th in Peter's Room, there is no way Peter and Ginty could be siblings. Various theories were suggested to explain this 3-4 month gap, such as them being twins with a very large delay between births, and Ginty being the adopted love-child of Geoff Marlow and Auntie Mollie, which accounts for him having given his wife a necklace when she was born, and the trip to Paris.

These thrilling speculations were slightly crushed by Sue Sims telling us that she had brought up the birthdays issue with Forest and Forest had said oh yes, she was never very good at dates (I'm paraphrasing here. If any of you who were there remember exactly what she said, or happen to be Sue Sims, please correct me).

Huh! I have devoted a great deal of time to working out Marlow age differences and trying to make them make sense. On my pre-conference read-through I even went so far as to write down every piece of evidence as I went along. After all this effort, it's a bit galling to find out that Forest just wasn't all that bothered.
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For those who like to contemplate Mrs Marlow's fecundity: The record for the two closest separate births.

[livejournal.com profile] rose_and_lizard has written a crossover fic (various Josephine Tey novels) featuring Lois, and is in the process of another (Chalet School). Go and read, it's excellent.

It struck me in the middle of the night (things quite often do, it's like Lawrie in the bath) that Antonia Forest's real name was Patricia. The Merricks are called Anthony and Patrick. Weird piece of trivia of the week.
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Hurray! I think I may have found my way in.

Sometimes I exercise my mind in trying to work out how Mrs Marlow managed to produce so many children in such a small space of time. In AT the twins are 12 and Karen, at the most, 18 so not including Giles that makes 7 children in 6 years. One child or twins for each consecutive school year. Throw into this the fact that Ginty's birthday is in January, and that if the classes at Kingscote from Third Form to Upper Sixth equate to Years 7 to 13 then to fit them all in Nicola and Lawrie must be September born 12 year olds in AT. And it all starts to become head spinningly impossible. Only one gap between Rowan in the Upper Fifth and Karen in the Upper Sixth to play with. Thank goodness the poor woman had a bit more of a gap between Giles and Karen - perhaps.

Have I missed any other birthdays to help in my self imposed puzzle? Worse than any Sudoku. I only remember Ginty's being mentioned - twice in fact.


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