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24th April: Chapters 1-4
1st May: Chapters 5-8
8th May: Chapters 9-12, guest post by [livejournal.com profile] highfantastical
15th May: Chapters 13-15

If you'd like to do a guest post, please let me know below or in pm. Similarly if you would like to lend/circulate/borrow Players texts, please contact me via pm.
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I'm planning to begin reading the Players books on 24th April. Schedule to follow. Unfortunately, I don't have or know of any electronic copies of these novels. If you do, and would be willing to share, please let me know. If you're able to afford them, 2nd hand copies of the books are available from various dealers and on Ebay etc. Unfortunately it looks like these will set you back about £40 each at the going rate, so it would be great if people were able informally to circulate pdfs or loan spare copies &c.
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First of all, many, many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] coughingbear for initiating the liveliest set of discussion posts yet, in addition to active and engaged modding. Thanks also to the other mods, [livejournal.com profile] ankaret and [livejournal.com profile] thewhiteowl. Multos grattas.

The schedule for The Attic Term is as follows:

13th February
Chapter 1: Private and Personal
Chapter 2: A Word with Patrick
Chapter 3: Family Dinner-time
Chapter 4: Up in Sara Crewe

20th February
Chapter 5: Telephone Call
Chapter 6: Patrick Uprooted
Chapter 7: Ginty's Clanger
Chapter 8: Shopping Saturday

27th February
Chapter 9: Second Telephone Call
Chapter 10: Repercussions
Chapter 11: Casual Conversations
Chapter 12: One Verse, Set to Music

6th March
Chapter 13: Spilled Coffee
Chapter 14: Consequential
Chapter 15: Rain on the Just
Chapter 16: Daks Goes Home

If anyone would like to take on one of these posts, do let me know, either below or via pm. I'm also interested in getting volunteers to write the posts for Run Away Home, which discussion will run from 13th March-3rd April. Would people prefer to run straight on to the Players' books then, or perhaps think about a set of posts on themes in the the modern books as a whole?

Once again, many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] coughingbear and the mods, and to everyone who's participated to far.

GGBP books

Oct. 8th, 2008 12:39 pm
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I've just been on the GGBP website for the first time in at least a year, and I see they have finally published the second Marlows-in-the-past book (The Players and the Rebels?). I have to confess that despite having had my copy of The Players Boy since GGB republished, I still haven't read it...(my Dad wants to borrow it though, molto bizarro).

I also noticed that there is an Antonia Forest bio published; has anyone read it? I decided not to buy the first one based on reviews, so would be interested to hear what people think...
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My copy of The Players and the Rebels arrived from GGBP this morning, so now, for the first time ever,  I have a full set of Marlow stories.  Though I am missing a page from my copy of the Cricket Term.  It's my third copy (don't ask) and I can't really justify the money they're charging for it on ebay.  Someone really needs to reprint that one.

Anyway, I think I will celebrate by reading the entire series from the beginning. 
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I just moved to America (okay, it's not quite a desert island) and had to make agonising choices about which books to bring.  Specifically about which AF books to bring.  My final list was: The Cricket Term, The Attic Term, Falconer's Lure, Run Away Home and Players Boy.  The last one made it because it's new and I've only read it a couple of times.  I'm starting to wonder if I'll miss End of Term when it gets nearer Christmas.  But the others are just books I can't live without.

So which would make it onto your list?

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An uncommonly nice surprise on my birthday was the GGB Player's Boy and, even more lovely, a perfect first edition hardback of The Players and the Rebels, from my partner. I've never owned a copy of either, and hadn't read them since an illicit speedread in the Bodleian some time ago, when I was supposed to be engaged in altogether more austere matters. Needless to say, I read them this time in a single, gorging session.

Anyway, it's been pointed out by everyone that Forest's period characters are rather twentieth-century and middle-class, but it occurred to me on this reading that Edmund Shakespeare (Ned) is in fact an Elizabethan, male Tim Keith - he and Nicholas have precisely the same rather edgy relationship via Will, as Tim and Nicola have via Lawrie. (Which makes W Shakespeare, obviously, Lawrie!) Then it occurred to me that there are all kinds of other character half-parallels between the 20thc. Marlow books and the historical ones. Humfrey Danvers, physically timid and indecisive, but a brilliant musician, is a version of Lawrie (a total flake, scared of lighting the gas, but a brilliant actor) with a dash of Peter. Will, self-contained, clever, unobtrusively authoritative, is a combination of Rowan, a more accessible Jan Scott and a dash of Giles - although Richard Burbage is probably more of the swashbuckling side of Giles. Wyn Burbage is a more appreciated Ann, kind and concerned, rather trite.

I could go on, until I claimed that John Hemings was in fact an Elizabeth Miss Keith, but I won't. But I'd be interested to hear whether people genuinely think that Nicholas is simply a transplanted Nicola, clever, sensitive, brave, charismatic, violently honourable...?
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I just finished the Player's Boy this morning and am now desperately wanting GGBP to publish The Players and the Rebels very soon (does anybody know when it will be out?) And what did other people think of it?
my excited squeeing about Player's Boy, cut to avoid spoilers )
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Forest people in and around London might be interested in the Searching for Shakespeare exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, which I went to see this morning. As well as Will himself, there is lots on the theatre of the time, its culture, the patrons and the actors. There's also a distinguished-looking portrait of Richard Burbage (and a portrait of Christopher Marlowe that looks rather like Johnny Depp). I enjoyed it a lot and found it evocative of the Players books.

Hi there

May. 13th, 2006 12:06 am
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Just a quick post to introduce myself. I discovered the Antonia Forest books many years ago and loved them but never met anyone, other than myself and my sister, who'd even heard of them. A few years ago, a very kind person from the Girlsown list lent me all the ones I didn't own, or had managed to lose over the years. They also supplied me with a photocopy of The Players Boy, which up until then, I had never managed to read. If that person is a member of this community, (sorry can't remember her name) - thank you again!

I then tracked down my own copies of the missing books, so I was finally in possession of a full set. It's great to find a group of fans, I could never understand why her books were such a minority interest, they are so beautifully written. I can't nominate a favourite as I love them all equally, for different reasons.

I do have a very soft spot for The Player and the Rebels, as it was one of only two I managed to keep hold of, in the barren years when I'd lost most of the others. My hardback would doubtless be worth more if I hadn't read it so many times. The others was The Thuggery Affair, which I also love, although I think I read somewhere that it's not as well-regarded as the others. I love it for the absence of Nicola, for the long sequences from other characters points of view, particularly Lawrie. I love Nicola, especially in The Cricket Term and Run Away Home but it's interesting to have one Marlow book without her. Anyway, I've rambled on long enough, looking forward to being here *waves*
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Was re-reading Falconer's Lure and was struck by Patrick's description of the family ghost that walks outside his bedroom - can someone who's read the historicals tell me whether the ghost appears (so to speak) in those? Or is the ghost one of the characters from the historicals?

Any help appreciated!
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To be published by GGB, and should be out before the conference in June.


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