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A while ago a wrote an online quiz based on the Marlow books which you can find here.  It's not that hard but I hope it's fun!

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Oh my gosh,

those questions were not nearly as hard as the quiz last year....
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I can't decide whether to:
a) try to answer the Antonia Forest questions real time as if I was the contestant to see how I would do
b) try to speed type the questions into LJ so I have them for the record...

AF on TV

Apr. 14th, 2006 09:46 am
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Mastermind contestant to answer questions on Antonia Forest's books

How exciting, and best of luck to the AF buff concerned! Is it any of us? Sadly I will be away from home that night but I will definitely get my husband to record that episode for me!
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OK, here is the quiz that Hilary Clare set for the London Forest Day. The instructions given were that where names of characters are asked for, first name and surname are required (except in question 2). Also give the book to which each question relates. Total possible marks: 50.

If people want to do this, perhaps initially you can just give one or two answers, even if you know them all. If you do, I'm very impressed. I had a quick look on the day and think I knew about nine.

ETA: I have put in bold the three questions that haven't been answered at all yet (though no one has come up with the precise description of Nicola's parcel for no.13).

ETFA: Only the rounds of the diving competition missing now - this is such a mean question I can't imagine anyone knowing without looking at the book! I don't myself, but will check it tonight.

ETFFA: We have achieved some kind of answer on the diving competition, though I remain unconvinced by the official line of eleven rounds.

1. Who was the author of Kingscote's Christmas Play?

2. What is Miranda's middle name?

3. Who played Henry VIII in 'The Prince and the Pauper'?

4. Complete the verse: Injuns on the railroad...

5. Give the title and author of the poem Lawrie chose for her Festival piece. Who found it for her?

6. What was Jukie's real name?

7. What was reputed to be Miss Keith's favourite piece of music?

8. How many rounds were there in the diving competition in which Peter defeated Patrick?

9. How did Bobbin identify his bow and arrows?

10. What names did the children choose for their main (explorer) Gondal characters?

11. Who kept wicket for the Sixth?

12. Where did Sammy Barnes park in Oxford?

13. What were the colour and pattern of Nicola's Christmas parcel (the one containing a dress)?

14. What was Nicholas's first important part with the Players?

15. What was the name of the Foleys' house?

16. What did Humfrey insist on fetching from Essex house, with the result that he and Nicholas were caught there?


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