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Sep. 20th, 2017 06:43 pm
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From the solution to a crossword clue, I just learned that "tranter" is an old Dorset word for a carrier, or someone who sells goods while travelling from place to place. I wonder if AF chose Mr Tranter's name because of the dialect link?
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Authors of the fics in this year's fanworks challenge have been revealed. I doubt if anyone was exactly knocked down with a feather...

Anyway, that's it for another year. Thanks to everyone who contributed for their hard work. Please do go and kudos and comment on any fic that you enjoyed - it's the only reward writers get, and even a simple comment saying 'I enjoyed this!' always means a lot, especially in a small fandom.
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The Forest Fanworks Collection is now open, with 9 fics for you to enjoy. Please do kudos and comment, for it is by these that fanwriters live. Thanks to all who contributed!

As a bonus, there was also one work meant for the collection, but which just slipped the deadline net for sign-ups, and so was posted by [ profile] nnozomi as an appetiser ([ profile] nnozomi, do feel free to add it to the collection if you like!)

Discovery (1778 words) by nnozomi
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Marlows - Antonia Forest
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Pomona Todd, Tim Keith, Miranda West

From "Discovery (apple)", Wikipedia:
The fruits are typically … small-medium in size, …and largely flushed with crimson … The tree is a mid-season flowering variety; …the fruits mature quickly, by August. Unlike many early apples, the fruits remain on the tree long enough to ensure ripening.
Although most references state that this is an early producing tree, the best fruits can be harvested later in the year …. Excellent flavour, good eater and good cooker.
Under good conditions the apples, when fresh, have a sweet, lightly acidic taste with a slight strawberry flavour. They generally have good keeping qualities.

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A quick reminder that your challenge fanworks are officially due tomorrow at 8pm. However, works will not be revealed until Sunday 10th September at 8pm UTC, so you have until then to make edits to your work, or even create a quicky for a unfilled prompt.
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I've closed sign-ups for the Forest Fanworks Challenge: you can no longer sign up or post new prompts. If you're already signed up you can still pick up a new claim. Your prompt fills are due at 8pm BST on Friday 8th September, work reveals at 8pm on Sunday 10th, and author reveals at 8pm on Sunday 17th. Still time for a few drabbles!
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Probably because of the move over here to DW, we've had a lot fewer sign-ups for the Forest Fanworks challenge this year: it would be lovely to see some more participants. Many thanks to the industrious souls who've already posted work! I've extended the sign-up period by a week, so if you want to leave a prompt or pick one up, you have until 27th August to do so. The deadline for completion of your fanworks remains 8th September at 8pm (BST).

Information about the Forest Fanworks Challenge is here.
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Always such fun to see the reactions of a new reader to a favourite book!
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I looked at various unfilled prompts and there's a few from 2015 for the Players' Boy - which has a grand total of one fic on AO3.

I finally read both Player's Boy and Players & the Rebels together on holiday, wanted to try writing something, and got stuck in the history despite having studied it a fair deal (via Maria Stuart and the Marlowe Society). I started creating a bit of a timeline to see if I could get any of my plot ideas to hand together without too much waving aside fact, and thought other potential writers might find it useful.

Players Boy timeline

1520 William Cecil (Lord Burghley) born
1535 Burghley goes to St John's, Cambridge
1541 Burghley leaves Cambridge for Gray's Inn; marries Mary Cheke (daughter of a scholar). Served Somerset.
1547-8 Burghley enters Parliament
1549 Somerset and Burghley imprisoned in Tower; Burghley gains favour of Warwick.

1550 Burghley sworn as Secretary of State for Edward VI
1553 Burghley signs Third Succession Act ruling out Mary and Elizabeth from the throne (Act created by Warwick now called Northumberland, forced to sign by Edward himself)
1553 Mary comes to throne.
Burghley conforms to Catholicism, is in Parliament but not chosen to be a minister. Works with Northumberland on lands for Elizabeth.

1558 Elizabeth comes to throne.
Burghley becomes Secretary of State and leader of Privy Council.
?1555-9 Robert Poley born
1559 Burghley elected Chancellor of Cambridge

1561 Burghley given 'lucrative' role of Master of Court of Wards, hence later awarded custody of Essex, Southampton, Oxford (de Vere), and Rutland
1564 ?February Kit Marlowe then ?April Shakespeare born
1565 Essex - Robert Devereux - born
1568 Poley becomes sizar at Clare college Cambridge

1571 Cecil becomes 1st Baron Burghley
1573 Henry Wriothesley, 2nd Earl Southampton, born October 1573
1576 Essex's father dies and Essex became ward of Lord Burghley.
1577 Essex admitted as fellow-commoner to Trinity College Cambridge
1577 Essex's mother marries Leicester
1579 Essex matriculates at Trinity

1580 Marlowe comes to Corpus Christi College on a Divinity scholarship, matriculates 1580/1
1581 Essex graduates MA.
Harry's father dies, Harry's inheritance&guardianship sold to Lord Howard; then boy and marriage organisation powers to Lord Burghley (lands remaining with Howard), so Harry came to Cecil House in the Strand age 8.

1584 Marlowe gets BA
Essex comes to Court
1984-5 Marlowe absent for long periods from Cambridge and comes into money
1585 Poley working for Leicester as a spy
Southampton to St John's age 12 (Oct 1585),

1586 Poley in Babington plot, under cover as Catholic sympathiser
1587 Essex becomes court favourite.
Marlowe refused MA from Corpus, but someone from the Privy Council intercedes on his behalf citing his 'loyal service to the Queen'
Tamerlaine performed in London
Execution of Mary QoS

1588 Harry admitted to Gray's Inn earlier, Feb 1588.
Essex takes over posts from Leicester
Spanish Armada
Leicester dies.

1589 Harry graduates MA and
Essex fights under Burghley in the Netherlands.
?Marlowe tutoring Arbella Stuart, niece of Mary QoS, cousin of James Stuart
Marlowe arrested, released on bail Oct, in court Dec.

1590 - Burghley starts negotiations for marrying Harry to de Vere
Essex marries Frances Walsingham
Tamerlaine published

1591 Narcissus dedicated to Southampton by John Clapham at Court.
1592 Marlowe arrested in Netherlands, dealt with by Burghley but no criminal record (spying on Catholics and disrupting their counterfeit coin supply?)
Southampton's grandfather dies and he is nominated to Order of the Garter

1593 Essex joins Privy Council
11 May Kyd arrested for libels blamed on him and Marlowe
18 May 1593 Marlowe arrest warrant issued but saved by lack of Privy Council sitting when he presented himself on 20 May
30 May Marlowe killed in Deptford; Robin Poley, Ingram Frizer, Robert Skeres all present.
Venus and Adonis dedicated by Shakespeare to Southampton
Nashe dedicates Unfortunate Traveller to Southampton
Barnes publishes with dedicatory sonnet to Southampton.

1594 - Harry refuses de Vere
Dido Queen of Carthage published
Rape of Lucrece dedicated in flamboyant terms to Southampton by Shakespeare
Henry Danvers shoots Henry Long. Southampton shelters him and elder brother Charles at Titchfield. They are outlawed and push off to France and serve Henri IV.

1595 Markham publishes with dedicatory sonnet to Southampton
1596 John Florio is under pay and patronage of Southampton and has been for some years.
1597 Henry Lok, William Burton make dedications to Southampton
Southampton challenges Northumberland to a duel.

1598 - Burghley collapses and dies at Cecil House. Cecil elder (Thomas) becomes Burghley and later Exeter. Younger (Robert) becomes Exeter, takes on political career, later becomes Salisbury.
1599 - Essex placed under house arrest after poor battles in Ireland
1601 Essex rebellion, executed 25 February.
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Just a reminder that you have a month to sign up and prompt in the Forest fanworks challenge. Probably because of the move over here to DW, we've had a lot fewer sign-ups this year: it would be lovely to see some more participants.

Information about the Forest Fanworks Challenge is here.


I've signed up for Remix Revival, so my Marlows fic is available to be remixed as part of that exchange. If you'd like to participate, there's information here.


I'm also going to nominate some of the rarer characters and relationships in the fandom for Fandom Growth, an exchange for ultra-rare fandoms, characters and relationships. If you're interested, there's more information here.
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Many moons ago, someone mentioned vainly trying to discover what "orange juice and cream" as enjoyed by the young Marlows, had been.  My friend Dr Gillian Polack posted the following on Patreon recently and when I read it, I instantly wondered whether this could be it?  I myself know zilch about cooking, but must admit I'm tempted to give this a go, though putting it in a pan over a hot plate might have to replace the "slow fire."


Mix the juice of three Seville oranges, three eggs well beaten, a pint of cream, a little nutmeg and cinnamon, and sweeten to your taste. Set the whole over a slow fire, and stir it till it becomes as thick as good melted butter, but it must not be boiled: then pour it into a dish for eating cold.

From the 1842 edition of A New System of Domestic Cookery: Formed Upon Principles of Economy; and Adapted to the Use of Private Families.  Mrs Rundell (Maria Eliza Rundell, 1745 – 1828). 


Jul. 11th, 2017 11:14 pm
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Well, I have just written my first fanfic. I have posted it in AO3 but don't know if it is available immediately or not. It's a bit of a work in progress -I shall edit and add to it in due course but wanted to get something posted rather than delay any longer as I have been meaning to write this for some time and have finally managed it. I've never done anything like this before so hope I haven't made too many mistakes!
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Just finished re-reading The Ballet Family Again by Jean Estoril. A minor character is Tarn Marlow, the not very nice brief girlfriend of the son of the family. I was just wondering if she could be the unpleasant cousin Nicola mentions at the start of Autumn Term?
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Returning for a third year!

The idea of the prompt meme is to have a fairly low-pressure form of commitment to create Forest-based fanworks, but with a structure that will create bit of a sense of occasion. Signed-up creators can browse the available prompts left by other fans and choose ones they'd like to fulfil, rather than (as in a gift exchange) having a recipient assigned to them. But there will be a sign-up period and a deadline, followed by reveal of the collection.

Rules and guidelines:

You must have an AO3 account to participate. You can get an invite code here.

For those unfamiliar with AO3 here's the AO3 FAQ dealing with collections and challenges, and here's the specific bit dealing with sign-ups for prompt memes on AO3.


You must specify at least 1 fandom in each of your prompts: you may specify (up to) all three Forest fandoms, and 6 characters in each prompt.

You may make up to 6 prompts. They may be as detailed (or not) as you like, but somewhere in the middle hinterland between 'anything at all about anyone at all' and a detailed plot outline for your Ginty/Patrick/Giles crime caper with bonus tentacles tends to get best results. State clearly any non-negotiable Do Not Wants: e.g. underage sexual content.

The default setting is an anonymous prompt: you can de-anonymise your prompt if you wish. Anonymity is not absolute: in a small fandom like this, it is probably a bit compromised from the start.

You may prompt for art or fic.

Here are the prompts for previous years: feel free to repeat unfilled ones (or even filled ones that you'd like to see a different take on) or use them for inspiration:

Prompts 2015

Prompts 2016

Filling Prompts

Works may be of any length, but must be complete and finished.

Please include all the characters/relationships prompted for, unless the requester has stated that they're happy with works about just one or two of the prompted characters/relationships.

You may claim as many prompts as you like and can reasonably commit to.

There can and may be multiple claims on the same prompt.

There are no restrictions on content or rating, but obviously, do try to be respectful of your requester's prompt, especially their DNWs.

Ratings and Archive Warnings can be helpful, but Choose Not To Warn is sometimes the only possible option too.


There's no nominations period this year; I think the tagset is fairly comprehensive, except for works based on The Thursday Kidnapping (of which we haven't had any yet.) If you want to request a character who doesn't appear to be in the tagset, comment below, and I'll add them. Once characters have been added to the tagset, you'll be able to request them.

Signups open: from now, Wed 31st May. Sign up here, by clicking on the 'Prompt Form' link on the left sidebar.
Signups close: Sun 20th 27th Aug 2017 08:00PM BST
Assignments Due: Fri 08th Sep 2017 08:00PM BST
Works Revealed: Sun 10th Sep 2017 08:00PM BST
Authors Revealed: Sun 17th Sep 2017 08:00PM BST

Any questions, just comment below or PM me.

Enjoy prompting and creating!
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Just putting this here since it's in the LJ community and I'm here now. The Marlow's and the Traitor isn't my favourite of the books, but it's interesting to see someone else's take on it...
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I know this has been brilliantly covered in fanfic, but I have been searching back through old threads and can't see that it has ever been discussed in a thread here. In Peter's Room we are told as a casual aside, that Trennels was built by a Joshua Marlow, who made his pile in the slave trade.
Presumably this is historically likely. No-one got to build a house like Trennels without doing something dubious at some point; if not the slave trade, then employing children in the mines / being a slum landlord / driving small farmers off their land etc. Maybe AF was inspired by a real life stately home that she'd visited that had been built using money from the slave trade.
My question is this really: why did AF toss this fact into the story at all? Would an original child reader have queried how Trennels existed? There seems no need to mention it at all.
Peter is romanticising Malise at the point where he thinks about Joshua. Is the mention of one dodgy ancestor meant to alert the reader to the possibility that Malise might not be all he seems?
Is it a sneaky dig at the Marlow's Protestant forebears? Patrick's ancestors were busy being martyrs for their faith and suffering discrimination for being Catholics - but look what the Protestants (with their Protestant work ethic and all) did?
Is it too much of a stretch to wonder if AF had Mansfield Park on her mind, given MP and PR's themes of play-acting and love triangles, and indirectly answered the question of whether the Bertrams were slave-owners?
What do the younger Marlows think about living in a house built with slave money? Peter seems to think of it as accepted and unremarked family history. The entail means of course that they can never wash their hands of it, but do they ever have any sort of conversation about it? (And yes, this will be my prompt for the summer fic fest if we have one again!)
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I have just discovered, randomly, this blog, with an 8-part read-along of Autumn Term.  Don't know if anybody else has come across it, but it seems worth a read.


Oct. 16th, 2016 09:48 pm
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One of the unused prompts for the summer fic exchange was about the Marlows having children. I haven't written that prompt exactly but I have written a few scenes about Nicola and her children, including a new, longer one posted today. All on my LJ.


Oct. 5th, 2016 05:17 pm
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Just to let people know that the Marlows series is eligible for the Yuletide fanfic exchange this year, with the nominated characters Geoff Marlow, Pam Marlow, Peter Marlow and Giles Marlow.

Yuletide sign-ups continue until Monday 10th October at 9am (UTC).

Information about Yuletide can be found here.
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For TMATT aficionados, a bit of Pathe 1948 footage showing the daily routine at a Lancashire lighthouse, including filling up the oil in the lantern and polishing the reflectors.


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