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I'm currently re-reading The Thursday Kidnapping with a view to starting a Trennels readthrough shortly, if no one objects to this.

If anyone would like to contribute any chapters, perhaps they could post to this thread.

Copies of The Thursday Kidnapping are currently on sale on Amazon for around £15 - £20 if anyone needs one to join in. There are many interesting parallels and comparisons to be drawn between TTK and the Marlowverse, so I am hoping the readthrough will prompt Marlow-based discussion, as well as discussion of the novel in its own right.
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Badger books is having their sale: The Marlows and their Maker (£10) and Thursday Kidnapping (£8) are both featured (plus many other school stories).


run, and find out!

PS Looks like http://www.marginnotesbooks.com/ are re-issuing The Youngest Lady in Waiting (sequel to Masha this year - though it only says so on other sites, not hers.)
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Who's read it?
Who likes it?
Better or worse than the Marlow books?

I like it - there's a lot of 'same stuff' to the Marlow books - like Neil and his falconrie. Ellen reminds me of Nick but also of Rowan.

And when I find the time to finish fan-fics rather than just starting them, I may write a crossover that has Patrick meeting Kathy, because I'd love to see how their different moral worlds collide.


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